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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 22, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> good evening everyone. san jose leaders are admitting their city has a gang problem, and it was evident last night on the eve before the city's gang prevention summit. a 17-year-old shot and killed an 18-year-old in what police are calling a gang-related murder. lisa amin gulezian is live at city hall where the-under urgency of the summit is too real. >> the summit brought several groups together to combat a problem that is top of the minds
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constantly for city officials, community leaders, and several members of the community. >> clean up the area. >> lisa: everyone here has the same goal to clean up san jose. >> but it's not just about a physical change, it's about an overall transformation, away from drugs, crime and gangs. is it hard to stay out of gangs? >> lisa: san jose has a gang problem. the main reason the city organized this gang and crime prevention summit. it comes one day after this gang-related murder. a 17-year-old shot and killed an 18-year-old as he rode his bike. it's the city's seventh homicide since january 1st. >> we can't arrest your way out of this problem. >> lisa: the focus here is on prevention, intervention, and suppression. for the first time the city is
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asking faith-based groups to take a leading role in the effort. but the decision isn't just spiritual. it's also economic. >> limited resource funds, they have facilities, they have the sweat equity, volunteers, mentors that come out of the par yishz in large volume, and we need more adult intervention. >> lisa: this former gang member says adults are the key. >> when your mom and dad work all day, you got down time, and the down time is when you're hanging out on the streets. >> lisa: he is -- she is here with her son. she is worried about the crime in their neighborhood. they live a few locks from last -- blocks from last night's shooting. >> hear this, and they're just fighting each other, and might go to me moyer kids. >> lisa: as part of the outreach the city is offering, volunteers will be contacting the victims' and the suspects families to
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offer help such as services, finances and getting out of the gang life. >> alan: the stan is stanislaus sheriff's department is downafraiding an amber alert. it only includes the central valley and san jose. tonight divers suspended their search of a canal until monday in their search for the juliani. the sheriff said all leads point to that specific stretch ol' candle. >> we have witness statements and corroborating evidence at the scene. we just haven't been able to locate the car yet, and there's still more work to do. >> alan: divers have been using a sonar device to search for the gray toyota grin by the ex-boyfriend of juliani's mother who is suspected of kidnapping the boy. the car linked the kidnapping is
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a silver toyota crow la, 6hbw44 5. if you think you see it, call police. >> in san francisco, investigators are trying to figure out how a nine-year-old boy was shot in the stomach this afternoon himself -- afternoon. it happened on turk street. they're trying to determine if the boy was hit bay stray bullet intentionally shot or if it was an accident. despite his injuries, the boy is expected to survive. >> in vallejo, police discover a woman fatally shot inside a car this morning. one man has been arrested, and police are searching for another suspect. investigators are still trying to determine the motive in that murder. thousands of abortion rights opponents marched through the streets of san francisco to mark the 38th anniversary of row
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roe vs. wade. the supreme court ruling that made abortion legal. >> the group marches every year. police estimate the crowd is larger than last year. a counterdemonstration was build hi abortion supporters. [chanting] >> about the millions of children that have died because of choice. >> alan: demonstrations are planned this weekend all across the country. abortion rights opponents will hold an annual march for life rally on monday in washington, dc. >> germany's health minister is urging the nation others leading drug idaho ignore requests for the u.s. for supplies of a drug used in lethal injection. the supplies are in short supply after the only u.s. manufacturer stopped making it. the drug is still marked in
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germany as an anesthetic, but germany's health minister says the use in the u.s. goes against german values. funeral services were held today in maryland for sargent shriver, the father of former california first lady maria shriver. he was the founding director of the peace corps who married into the kennedy family. those in attend dance included former president bill clinton, first lady michelle obama, and oprah winfrey. >> mourners packed the church in maryland to remember a life in public service. at 95, sargent shriver was among the last of his generation, those who first answered the the call to duty from his brother-in-law, president john f. kennedy. >> here was a member of family that had borne more, lost more, who showed up every day.
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and found joy in life. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama, vice-president joe biden, former president bill clinton, and oprah winfrey all came to honor the map who started the peace corps. >> your dad not only was prepared to make life better than it was, he made it better than it was for literally millions of people. >> reporter: shriver was remembered in music as well as words. his daughter, maria shriver, recalled a loving father. >> perhaps his greatest achievement was showing us and our family how to show up in other people's lives and how to love unconditionally. >> reporter: he left his family letter with these parting words. >> all of you should be happy, happy that i am finally getting to meet our lord, my favorite superstar, face-to-face. >> reporter: sarent shriver left a public legacy of good works and a private legacy of love
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that lives on in his children. >> gad god bless you daddy. >> alan: much more ahead, including the latest encouraging sciences in the recovery of representative gabrielle giffords. japan launches a rocket the international space station. why astronauts are relying more and more on missions like this one. >> leigh: hi there. i'm leigh glaser. boy, did it feel like spring out there today. we have some record highs to share with you. also, we'll take a look and see how much
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>> more encourage signs for congresswoman gabrielle giffords, he chief doctor in houston says she is even more alert today. she arrived at texas medical center in houston to begin her rehall tase, -- rehabilitation. she was shot in the head two weeks ago today. she is still on a breathing tube, and her chief physician says it's too soon to tell whether she can talk. >> do you get the feeling she is trying to get the words out? >> i have a sense she is. i'm looking at her, and i think she is trying to communicate something. >> alan: giffords is expected to undergo therapy for four to six months. >> a japanese rocketes on its way to the international space station. >> liftoff of the japanese cargo craft, heating for -- heading for the international space station. >> alan: the unmanned rocket blasted over this morning from a
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remote japanese island, carrying six tons of food, water, and clothing for astronauts on the space station. the mission is filling a hole lift be the reattempt of nasa's space shuttle program. just ahead, were winter weathers down on the east. leigh glaser has the forecast. ñw
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>> alan: a surfer was seriously injured at the mavericks surfing
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spot in half moon bay. he was found face down in the water after he apparently wiped out. the man wasn't breathing, but good samaritans brought him to shore and turned him on his side to drain water from this airways, emergency crews revived the man with cpr. he is in serious condition at stanford hospital. >> the midwest and the northeast are in a icy stranglehold. tens of millions of people are trapped in the cold wave that has temperatures in the negative numbers inch minnesota, wind chills of 40 degrees below zero. we have that story. >> reporter: the polar express that put minnesota and much of the midwest in a deep freeze is now barreling into the northeast. from philadelphia up to boston, even the mercury will be shivering, with wind chills plunging below zero and that means lots of the layered look. >> takes an hour to get addressed every morning. >> the long johns, extra socks.
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>> i'm actually wearing two gloves. >> reporter: forget fashion. experts say skip exposed to temperatures below zero and minus 19 can get frostbite in five minutes. this man learned the hard way. >> the most painful pain i ever had in my life. >> reporter: why victims don't notice the damage until at it too late. >> the digits appear very pale, even kind of black and dusky or purposish. they won't turn dark purple for several hours. >> reporter: parents are taking no chances. >> we want to make sure she is out of the cold as much as possible. >> reporter: on soldier field they're on defense against the arctic weather. >> the team has warming benches down there, and you'll see on both sides of the field for both teams. >> reporter: though it turns out it's not just polar bears who like this weather. >> a lot of people having fun. that was the goal. just get out and have a snowball fight. >> reporter: abc news.
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>> alan: those people probably hate us. >> leigh: they too. we had temperatures in the 70s today. a few record highs today, and we'll share those with you in just a moment. a few high clouds lingering across the bay area. this i -- is a live look at the high definition east bay cam. today, new record highs. kentfield, 67 degrees. oakland, 67. san jose reached 72 this afternoon. and santa rosa, the warm spot, 7 # degrees. -- 74 degrees, tying the old record set in 1988. some of the heat from today being held in. 70 in san jose. 59 in half moon bay. # 1 -- 61 in san francisco, and 66 in antioch. so we'll keep it mostly clear overnight. another sunny, mild day tomorrow
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and it does look like the dry weather pattern is going to stay with us right through next week. so enjoy it. we do have a high surf advisory until tomorrow morning. large breaking waves. you can see them sitting at about 10 to 12 feet off the coast. strong rip currents, dangerous what we call sneaker waves as well. so this will be up until early mornings, and then the national weather service will readjust that and see if they need to post it again tomorrow. you can see a lot of the clearing took place today, sunny and mild conditions, as temperatures well above where we should be this time of year, thanks to high pressure building in. tonight we'll keep it clear. 41 for napa. san francisco, 48. 44 fremont. livermore, upper 30s, though, at 39. and san jose clear at 44 degrees. we had a very weak system. you see it right there the tail end of the cold front brought us a few of the high clouds.
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that is sense now pushing on towards the east, the high pressure will continue to build in. check out where the storm track is. well to the north of the bay area and that's exactly where this high, very strong, will keep the storm track. so, dry conditions will stay with us for at least the next five to seven days. here's a look at your highs for tomorrow. get out and enjoy. plenty of sunshine. 66 for san jose. campbell warming to 67 degrees. mid-60s at the coast. half moon bay, 64. 65 for palo alto. and redwood city. san francisco, 65 teegz. -- degrees. ucould ia, 72. 64 for nap patch east bay, oakland, 66. 65 for union city. fremont 66. the interior east bay, mid-to-low 60s. 64 for brentwood. concord, 66. and 70 degrees for whatson veil
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and fill roy. -- gilroy. enjoy it. january, we are definitely in this dry weather pattern, and it will stay with us for the next seven days. >> alan: on to shu who has been watching college hoops today. >> mike: a good time of year for that. stanford facing ucla, and saint mary's trying to play with the big boys, a little difffffffffff
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>> mike: a little college hoops, snooped men's basketball team suffering from a southern california swoon. cardinal hasn't beat 'either usc or ucla in los angeles since 2005. that trend would continue today. cardinal lost eight of its last ten against the bruins. all stanford early on. led by as many as 14 in the first half. but the bruins with an 18-5 run. ucla down just one at the break. second half. stanford now down two. jeremy green buries the three from deep. he had 12. carnal up one. jones, crossover. finish, and the foul. he had 17. la -- ucla gets the victory. >> wrap diben net and saint marys traveling to sec country. on the al use oop, game tied at
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six. later off the miss, the acrobatic finish. gaels up 16-11. that lead would be short-lived. in the second half, jacobs hits the three. a very quiet crowd. saint marys 11-game win streak is over, 89-70 the file. >> santa clara hosting portland. michael sanchez, great look inside. con verdict. two of his career high 22. broncos up six. at the end of the half, time winding down, the poster and the triple. got up. foster had 36 thursday. another big game today. santa clara improves to 3-2 with a victory. >> for the women, jeanette poland had a career-high 12 assists. stanford handing cal their
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second loss at home. >> spring training a few weeks away, the world champions giants have wrapped enandres torres. they agreed to a $2.2 million deal. he sit 16 home runs. after spending 12 years in the minors, and i'll say this new contract is well-deserved. >> the first saturday of the australian open has rafa nadal on the court. hosting 18 year aussie. rafa takes the first set. then approaching net. the within down the line. would take the second set. in the third, the point of the match. nadal. over his head, and then the filthy backhand winner. at it just not fair. stars out for the fourth round of the bob hope classic.
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marcus allen, second on the par-4 16th on the palmer side of the course. stops to within six feet. he is an athlete. gary woodland playing well. 40-foot eagle. and he finds the bottom of the jar. 66 today. he is 24 under and tied for first with jonstan vegas. coming up at 6:00, we take a look ahead to the nfc title game, jets and the steelers. >> alan: coming up, apple gives away a big prize to celebratefññ
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00, president obama offers a hint of what he'll talk about in the state of the union trace, and republicans in new hampshire take an early straw vote for the 2012 twoil 2011. >> and then apple's app store made 10 million download. they have more than 300,000 different apps. the company gave the 10 billionth customer a $10,000 gift certifi


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